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Tray/Bin Washers

Our tray and tray/bin  washers are engineered and designed for easy use and reliability.  They come with easy access removeable door panels.  We use high quality stainless steel and quality pumps.  All our washers are provided with a warranty.


Product Information

Our Tray Washer Systems are fully automated machines used to clean and sanitize trays and bins for reuse in the agricultural sector. We offer single-stage washers for trays and up to 5 stages in our modular washers which include a debris wash cycle, a fresh water rinse, a detergent wash cycle,  sanitization, and dry. It can be  custom-designed to suit your specific sanitation needs.  With an optional adjustable infeed feature, you can switching from trays to bins with ease.  This system is fully automated and programmable with an HMI touchscreen interface, ready to be integrated into your existing product line.  

Technical Specifications

  • Full stainless-steel construction

  • 300 PSI Recirculating Wash with automatic level control 

  • Tray actuated rinse reduces fresh water usage 

  • User-friendly operation and maintenance

  • Fully automated and programmable HMI touchscreen interface 

  • TUV Compliant Safety Architecture Operator safety features 

  • Horizontal or vertical options for tray processing

  • Adjustable feature for bins  

  • Process 350-400 trays per hour

Modular Options

  • Debris Wash Cycle

  • Fresh Water Rinse

  • Detergent Wash Cycle

  • Sanitization

  • Drying

Additional Information

  • All stainless components

  • Removable side panels for east access

  • Easy installation 

  • Locking caster wheels 

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