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Compact Tray Washer

Built as an economical solution for a clean, efficient, high-pressure  wash cycle with a  minimal footprint, the compact washer is ideal for growers that want to automate tray washing and debris removal. Easy to use and maintain, a great first step in automating your process. 

compact tray washer

Product Information

The Compact tray washer is a single stage high pressure washer for trays.  It is light weight and equipped with (locking) caster wheels allowing it to move easily.   All waste dispersed into a catch basin allowing easy access to be removed and dumped.​  It is user friendly operation. And is designed for  easy maintenance.

Many operator safety features & removable doors for easy access.

Optional Customization

  • Automation and HMI touchscreen,

  • Outfeed Buffer Conveyor,

  • Custom fit to your tray and bin size,

  • recirculating 300PSI wash cycle 

Technical Specifications

  • TUV compliant Safety Architecture 

  • Stainless- Steel Construction 

  • Single-Pass High-Pressure Wash to reduce pathogen propagation

  • Washdown motors and bearings 

  • Economical design 

  • Variable speed conveyor and pump to optimize cleaning 

  • VFD Driven

  • Tray size (max) 24" height ?" Length, 

  • Power requirements 575V or 480 3 phase

Additional Information

  • The washer is crated and ready to install upon arrival

  • 1 year Warranty

  • Spare parts available

Save time on washing your trays with our Compact tray washers

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