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Adjustable Harvesters

​The Adjustable Harvester is made specifically for Aquaponic and Hydroponic growing conditions. Its open design infeed belting is made specifically to accommodate roots allowing a level cutting surface. . The infeed belt is fully adjustable between 18" - 24" or 24" - 30" allowing for a range of tray sizes. With a fast, consistent, and clean cut, it eliminates bruising or tearing.  Your harvested greens stay fresh longer. The machine can harvest all types of baby leaf greens while comfortably fitting into your processing facility. It is ergonomically designed for use. We recommend this size harvester for growers who are harvesting rafts.

Our Adjustable Harvesters are available in 18-24" and 24-30" 
Custom Sizes available upon request

Product Information

Don't let the harvesting process slow you down. Our Adjustable Harvester is specifically designed to speed up the process, while also ensuring that roots hang and the raft stays level. It's easy to clean, which means you can spend more time doing what you love. Plus, with the greens staying fresh, you can be sure that your produce will be of the highest quality.

Optional Customization

  • Touchscreen 

  • Takeaway Conveyor

  • Smooth body washdown motors

  • Additional guarding 

  • Stainless steel motors

  • Stainless steel enclosures

  • VFD controlled regenerative blowers

  • Various different sizes available  

Additional Information

  • The Harvester is shipped in a crate and is ready to install upon arrival

  • Technical support is readily available 

  • 1 year Warranty

  • Spare parts available

Technical Specifications

  • Sanitary frame 

  • Adjustable to rafts from 18" to a 30" wide

  • Automated cutting blade height adjustment

  • Variable speed controls for cutting blades, conveyors, and blower systems

  • Modular conveyor belting

  • Large Tote stand with room for weigh scale 

  • Easy-to-use control panel

  • Blade tip guard

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy to clean

  • Variety of safety features

  • Emergency Stops

  • Removable belts for cleaning

  • 208-240 Volt 1 or 3 phase - 60 Hz - 30 Amps

Ask us about our cutting head refurbish program

Various sizes Available 

Adjustable Harvester

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