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Tray Washer System

At Hamill APS, we're dedicated to providing creative solutions to problems faced by the agricultural industry. Our Tray Washer System is the ideal solution to ensure your trays are clean and sanitized to an industry standard. With its four distinct stages of operation, this fully automated and programmable system is designed to cater to your specific needs. What's more, the HMI touch screen interface ensures that the system is straightforward to operate. Reach out to us today and learn how our innovative solution can be best integrated into your product line!

Product Information

Technical Specifications

We understand that every minute counts in the agricultural industry, which is why our tray washer is designed for maximum efficiency. Our innovative system is the perfect addition to any agricultural operation, giving you extra time to focus on what really matters - your crops. With our tray washer, you can rest assured that your trays will be perfectly clean and ready to use in no time.

Additional Upgrades & Customization

  • designed for various tray sizes 

  • Smooth body washdown motors

  • infeed and outfeed conveyors

  • Nozzle options and tray configuration customization 

  • Vertical infeed TUV Compliant Safety Architecture

  • Full stainless-steel construction

  • 300 PSI Recirculating Wash with automatic level control 

  • Tray actuated rinse reduces fresh water usage 

  • User-friendly operation and maintenance

  • Fully automated and programmable

  • HMI touchscreen interface 

  • Operator safety features including e-stop, door switches and safety controls / relays

  • Electrical Options : 440V 3-phase or 575V 3-phase

Enter a new era of growth for your business.

Contact us to schedule a product demonstration.

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