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Tray Handling 

Make your post-harvest tray handling a hassle-free process with Hamill APS. Our tray-handling solutions offer easy transitions for moving trays both during and after harvest, which will save you time and money. Check out our range of products and see how we can best serve your business needs.

Image by Zoe Schaeffer


Our Conveyors are built with efficiency in mind, with additional conveyance options and the ability to tie into existing equipment for easy production. Our stop and go sensors prevent any potential accidents. Our conveyors are perfect for businesses looking for a safe and easy way to streamline their production processes.

Tray Stackers

If you're tired of manual labour stacking trays, our Tray Stacker machine is the solution you've been searching for. Designed to save you both time and effort, this innovative machine makes stacking trays a breeze. Made from high-grade materials, it's a durable investment with long-term benefits for your agricultural business.

Tray Flippers

Our team at Hamill APS has developed a state-of-the-art tray flipper that revolutionizes the cleaning process for farmers. With our unique pneumatic 180° rotation system, we are able to remove any debris and growing matter from trays before they move on to the next stage of cleaning.  All growing matter is collected and removed by a takeaway conveyor for composting or disposal, making the cleaning process more efficient than ever before.

Root Cutters

Our Root Cutter is an essential tool for your agricultural needs. With its ability to remove hanging roots, you can easily move trays for cleaning and prevent any unwanted blockages in your system. It's easy to use and designed to make your work more efficient.


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