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Standard Harvesters

Introducing our Standard Harvester, engineered and designed to provide unparalleled performance. Built with the latest technology, the Harvester guarantees fast, consistent, and clean cut harvests, ensuring that your greens stay fresh for a longer period. Our Standard Harvester is also designed to improve productivity and reduce costs, while also being ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort. It can be customized with PLCs and HMIs for pre-programmed growing in solid bottom trays or substrate.

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Product Information

The Standard Harvester was engineered and designed to speed up the process of harvesting. The harvester ensures your harvest stays fresh and vibrant due to its ability to provide a fast, clean cut and allow your product to move to the next stage quicker.

The Standard Microgreens Harvester is ergonomically friendly and is most efficient when operated by two people. It is recommended one person loads front the front end, and the other person unloads at the back end. The trays are placed on an infeed conveyor belt and as they are harvested the greens are separated onto an incline conveyor belt. The greens are then dropped into a basket ready to be moved to the next stage of processing.  Each tray is harvested every 3 seconds,

Optional Customization

  • Touchscreen Upgrade

  • Takeaway Conveyor (24" width an up)

  • Additional Guarding

  • Stainless steel motors

Technical Specifications

  • Modular conveyor belting

  • Variable speed controls for cutting blades, conveyors, blower systems

  • Large tote stand with room for weigh scale

  • Product positioning blower system

  • Easy-to-use control panel

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Blade tip guard

  • Variety of safety features

  • Emergency stops

  • Removable belts for cleaning

  • 208-240 V 1 Or 3 Phase - 20 AMP

  • Blade height adjustment

  • Sanitary frames

Additional Information

  • The Harvester is shipped in a crate and is ready to install upon arrival

  • 1 year Warranty

  • Recommend spare parts - spare cutting head and a spare shear pin

  • Readily available technical support

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