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Find the Harvester that works for you

Cutting-edge solutions your harvesting needs

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  •  Smaller-scale farms or start-up farms 

  • Simple operation and smaller footprint to get you started. 

  • Growing on substrate or in trays

  • Trays ranging from 4" - 24" Width

  • Push button operation panel

  • No upgrades available 

  • Mid-large farms

  • Can be integrated into production lines

  • Trays ranging from 4" - 24" width 

  • Upgrades available  (PLC, take away  conveyor, etc. )

  • Custom sizes available up to 60" 

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  • Mid- large size farms

  • Growing on rafts  

  • Allows your raft to stay level at harvesting maximizing your yield

  • Can be integrated into production lines

  • Trays ranging from 18" - 24"and  24"-30" width 

  • Upgrades available  (PLC, take away  conveyor, etc. )

  • Custom sizes available 

Harvester Premium 3D for sell sheet .png
  • Available in all model harvesters excluding the entry-level model. 

  • HMI touchscreen with programmable features. 

  • Fully guarded to ensure safety for all levels. 

  • Motor upgrades

  • Additional safety features

  • 4"-24" tray width

  • Custom sizes available 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your lead-time? 

We understand the importance of timely service and delivery. That's why we offer lead times of 6-8 weeks on all standard harvesters and 8-12 weeks on custom harvesters. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that your equipment is delivered on time and to your exact specifications. 

Does the harvester have a warranty? 

We are committed to providing quality agricultural processing equipment to ensure the productivity of your farm. Our new equipment is covered with a one-year warranty from the date of shipment. We stand behind our workmanship and materials with confidence and look forward to serving your needs.

What is the maintenance 

Maintenance on the harvesters is keeping clean, changing the air filters on the blowers ( monthly) bearings are sealed bearing so do not require greasing.  Cutting head will need refurbishing when product begins to tear (every 6-12 months depending on usage).  Covering the electrical panel and motors in encouraged during washdown.

How do I sharpen the blades?

At Hamill APS, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality agricultural equipment and services. Our blade sharpening program is designed to ensure that your cutting head will always be working at peak performance. If a blades become dull, simply send it back to us and we will refurbish it to its original condition. We highly recommend that you keep a spare cutting head on hand to avoid any downtime. Please note that attempting to sharpen the blade yourself could result in voiding the warranty.

What products does the harvester cut?

We have always been committed to using the latest technology and innovation to harvest our crops.  They are designed to be efficient and effective leading to longer shelf life and less waste of your product.. Our top-of-the-line equipment means that our harvesters can cut even the most delicate crops without damaging them. We take great care to ensure that our products are of the highest caliber and our precision harvesters are no exception.  Baby leaf greens,  microgreens and wheatgrass are all able to be harvested.  We currently do not recommend full heads of lettuce.

How do we clean the harvester? 

Our harvester is engineered with a sanitary frame and stainless steel  design that is perfect for food safety and sanitation. At Hamill APS, we understand the importance of having efficient and reliable equipment for every harvest. That's why we offer a comprehensive blade cleaning gig that allows for an easy and effective clean up process. Our removable belting is yet another feature that makes maintenance effortless and cost-effective. We are always ready to provide the necessary support for our clients so that they can enjoy efficient and fruitful harvests.  We offer cleaning solutions as well please ask about our cleaning options!!

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Looking for a reliable harvester to handle your crops? Look no further than our selection of harvesters, available in various sizes to meet your needs. With the ability to accommodate trays from 4" to 60", you can trust that your crops will be collected and transported efficiently. Contact us for custom sizes.

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