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Standard Harvester

Our Standard Harvester has been engineered and designed with the grower in mind. It takes approximately 2 minutes to trim a tray by hand and using the Standard Harvester it takes approximately 3 seconds per tray.  No repetitive hand motion and no damage to the product.  

The Standard Microgreens Harvester provides a fast, consistent, and clean cut with no bruising or tearing; allowing your harvested greens to stay fresh and increase their shelf life. This harvester works with all types of greens and grasses, while increasing productivity and added cost savings for your business. It is ergonomically designed and can be customized with PLCs and HMIs for pre-programmed settings. We recommend this size of Harvester for growers who are harvesting 750+ trays per harvest and or planning to expand. 

Screenshot 2024-01-12 121651.png
Screenshot 2024-01-12 121248.png


Designed for trays and flats

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